We in Michigan love our coffee, don't we?

So much so, that there are coffee houses, shops, bistros, drive-thru's.....not to mention the countless number of grocers where we can buy – and grind, if we wish – our own.

Most of have seen an old western movie or TV show, where the cowboys would sit at the campfire and eat beans...and drink coffee.
Endless pots and cups of coffee.
No sugar, no cream.
No lattes, no cappuccinos, no frappes, no ice coffee, no hazelnut or any of the 100+ flavors you can add.
Just plain, black, strong coffee.....nothing added.

That's the way coffee was...still is for some, but many of us prefer to add our own stuff to it.

With all the fancy-schmancy coffees that are available to us these days, we might think we know ALL there is about coffee. Well, guess again. At least, I know I don't...and I do love that first cuppa coffee in the morning followed by at least two more.

When I got up this morning and made my usual pot of coffee, it got me thinkin'.....yeah, I have my current favorite coffee brands, but what happened to some of the ones I used to see on TV and on Michigan grocer shelves? They disappeared! Some of them have recently made a comeback, like Chock Full O'Nuts, Hills Brothers, and Yuban...but there are so many more gone by the wayside.

The gallery below shows 110 old coffees that are discontinued...or are they? Are some of them just so rare these days that they stay incognito?

Scroll thru the gallery and take a look at these old coffees, some going way back to the 1800s.....maybe some are brands that the cowboys possibly drank out on the range. Who knows? Some of the others I remember from TV commercials, maybe one or two of 'em I used to drink. Take a look!

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