Many Americans deal with heart disease on some level every day. But, some of them do not know it, and for them, it may manifest itself in a way that kills them before they have begun to address it.

The recent deaths of high profile people - all of whom had some sort of heart issue - helps to thrust heart disease back into the spotlight, if only momentarily. The shock of their deaths is underscored - at least in the cases of Carrie Fisher, George Michael and Alan Thicke - by what appeared to be overall healthy people who died in a matter of moments by some sort of relatively sudden cardiac event.

But, Dr. Michael Pack of Bronson Advanced Cardiac Healthcare tells WBCK heart disease is actually a major killer, significantly usurping all types of cancer.

What is the difference between heart disease, heart attack, cardiac arrest and congestive heart failure? Are you sure you could recognize the early warning signs of heart attack if you were to experience them?

We asked Dr. Pack these questions. Hear his responses by clicking the player below.

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