With this new budget deal to fund our government I have to question whether the elected Republican politicians actually believe in cutting our deficit and eventually paying down our national debt.  I expect this type of behavior from the Democratic Party not the Republican Party.

It seems like the only bipartisanship that occurs in Washington is when they agree to increase our deficits and federal debt.

You may not have heard but our government was shut down for the shortest period in history, approximately a whopping 6 hours.   The deal was a $400 billion dollar, once again temporary budget, raising spending caps for two years and funds the government through March 23.  The Senate passed the budget deal approximately 3 to 4 hours after the shut down and the House followed suit shortly after that.

Do all these politicians not see the debt train wreck bomb they are heading our country toward?  I would have to say no, in fact they are actually throwing more coal into the train engines to speed up that wreck.  By the way they should realize, at least the Democrats, that burning coal adds to global warming, does it not?

Again I ask do these politicians in both parties not see this debt nuclear bomb they are feeding or is it just me and others like me who are wrong?

We have to take our deficit spending and federal debt seriously or we are all in trouble.  Once we hit the demarcation line our ideologue’s and political parties will no longer matter.  It will hit us all, except for the extremely wealthy and the political class.

God help us when that happens.

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