Many of us struggle with our weight.  Some of us may be very overweight and others struggle to maintain a “healthy” weight.  Believe me I know, I was one who struggled with their weight for many years until I found My Pure Health Solutions a program that helped me lose over 80 pounds 5 years ago.

Can help be coming via your beloved government?  The Washington Free Beacon is reporting on the National Institutes of Health who is spending approximately $250,000 of our taxpayer’s dollars in their attempt to train kids to meditate so they do not engage in "emotional eating."

The researchers at Kent State are calling their study not only "novel," but "innovative”.  This “novel” and “innovative” study will train children to meditate and keep food diaries.  According to their grant they state:

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction holds promise to improve standard behavioral weight control (SBWC) in low-income adolescents but has not been adapted for adolescent weight management—demonstrating both the novel and innovative nature of the proposed study

The researches state that the purpose of their study is to "focally target emotional eating and improve weight management outcomes".

Since I have gone through the program that helped me lose quite a bit of weight and sustain that weight loss, I am not one who wants to rain on any parade that might help people lose their weight.  I just have a great concern when our government spends our tax dollars on programs that sound to me to be a bit far-fetched.  I think it would best be left to non-profits or private companies to spend their money to determine if this would actually work.

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