Are you someone who loves camping in the state of Michigan, if so you may get an advantage over out of state campers that you currently do not have?

State Representative Steven Johnson, R-Wayland has introduced House Bill 4519.  This bill if passed as introduced would require that Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources:

Shall not make a reservation at a campground, cabin, yurt, or lodge in a state park available to a nonresident unless that reservation has first been made available to residents of this state for at least 2 weeks

Essentially this bill would open up reservations to non-residents after this 2 week period which would allow Michigan residents a first shot at them.

I must admit that I had no idea that Michigan state parks camp sites where so attractive to people who do not live in our great state.

Currently, camping reservations for Michigan’s state parks can be made up to six months prior to the date of someone’s arrival.  There are no restrictions based on residency but the bill as written does not specify how Michigan state park campgrounds would establish proof of Michigan residency for the two-week window should the House proposal pass.

State Representative Steven Johnson stated:

Michigan state parks are paid for by the Michigan taxpayer…In my belief, they should have the first priority for those camps, because they are owned by Michigan residents

Sounds fair to me.

Currently House Bill 4519 has been referred to Michigan’s House Natural Resources and Outdoor Education Committee for further review.

Happy camping Michigander!

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