School's starting soon... for some, it's already a reality. Colleges are back in session, teachers are back in their classrooms, preparing for students to pile back in for the fall semester.

Sadly, that means the end of summer, and for some reason, it feels like it comes and goes SO much quicker these days. We all make plans, but don't get to all of them. I asked our listeners what some of their biggest regrets were this summer, and it actually inspired me to make a list for NEXT summer.

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I'll be the first to admit that my first summer in Michigan wasn't NEAR as productive as I'd hoped it would be, but I did get to do some fun stuff. Ribfest came back, and I spent an inordinate amount of time discovering new breweries in the area.

But we all have those summer regrets, and these are some of the replies we got from you:

Harold: "Won the Lottery" - Man, don't we ALL... especially that Billion-Dollar Mega Millions jackpot.

Tracy: "Left Here!" - Well, Tracy, I beg to differ, but I've become a big fan of SW Michigan. Unless, of course, you're talking about...

Marcia: "Vacation" - YES! Too often, we get stuck at home, and forget to explore... though that might also be a financial issue, too. So, if Harold DOES win the lottery, maybe we can get him to fund a trip for all of us to Florida or something.

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Nancy: "Not enough Sunsets" - I feel this one personally. It was a goal of mine to make it out to Lake Michigan and watch a sunset from the back of my pickup over the beach this summer. Sadly, time got away from me, and I didn't get out there. (Note to self for next summer...)

Paul: "Take some time for myself" - Absolutely. We get caught up in doing things for, and with other people, we forget to take those moments just for us... even if it's just a quiet beer in the living room, binging our favorite TV shows, or getting to Detroit or Chicago for a Tigers or Cubs game. Take those days.

LA: "Well, I wanted to kayak some more, but I broke my arm, so I'm out for the rest of the season." - WHOA! Bummer LA. Hope you heal up soon. It just means you've got some making-up to do next summer. Spend TWICE as much time out on the water.

And finally...

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Charlie: "Lose 50 pounds" - Same Charlie... same. BUT, maybe we can work together and lose that weight during the winter, so we don't have to spend next summer losing it, and use that time to enjoy not having it anymore! I'll meet you on the treadmill!

What about you... Do you have any regrets from this summer, that you'd like to BE SURE to get done next summer?

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