The new darling of the press is Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.  Mayor Pete is running in the Democratic Primary for President of the United States.

Mayor Pete has a website that proclaims in his Meet Pete section that in America “We cannot find greatness in the past”.   He goes on to say in that section of his website:

“there is no honest politics that revolves around the word the era of automation and globalization, major changes are going to happen whether we’re ready or not. The question isn’t: ‘Can we stop these changes and go back to the past?’”

What is he exactly trying to say there I do not know.

Is it fair to say that by Mayor Pete statement “We cannot find greatness in the past” he is saying that America has no history of greatness?

If so do you really want a President that believes via his statement that there is no greatness in America’s past.  Or one that believes in America’s greatness both past, present and greatness to come.

That is up for you to decide.

I know I could name a few.

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