To date none of the predictions or models about the COVID-19 virus have come true; much like global warming but we will save that for another day.

The worse prediction it appears is that the “scientific” models, that included mitigation, predicted a run on our hospitals that never happened.  Because the “very best scientific minds” believed there would be a run on the hospitals they advised that all elective surgeries should be canceled and Whitmer and some other Governors did exactly that.

In fact, the opposite to the models has happened and most hospitals became akin to ghost towns.  So much so many hospitals around the country had to and are laying off people in large numbers.

Why is this happening?

Because elective procedures bring in between 70% to 80% of their revenue.  Just like the governors are crushing and killing businesses they are doing the same to hospitals. 

Even the very left-leaning Los Angeles Times has noticed what is occurring.  The LA Times has published an article titled:

Where are the strokes and the heart attacks?' Doctors worry as patients avoid ERs

The first line in the article reads:

California's hospital emergency departments are strangely quiet places these days.

The article goes on to say:

now doctors and health officials are increasingly worried that steps taken to keep hospitals at the ready, along with a widespread public fear the virus is rife in emergency rooms, have left people who are in immediate need of lifesaving help unwilling to seek treatment.

Dr. Larry Stock, an emergency physician at Antelope Valley Hospital asks the question:

Where are the strokes and the heart attacks? Where are the diabetics having complications?...These cases didn't just vaporize with the virus. I worry people are suffering at home because they're afraid our emergency rooms are radioactive.

What kind of untold damage has these draconian and not very well thought out “orders” have done we will not know for months but I am sure they have done more harm than is calculable.

When it comes to elective procedures they could have allowed those to remain on the schedule and then canceled them if the beds were needed.  That is what I meant about not very well thought out “orders”.  How could a radio talk show host and pundit think this through and a Governor with all of their “very best scientific minds” not?

We really need to question who we are electing these days, many do not seem to be that bright or inquisitive.  They probably had no idea that an elective surgery could be canceled at the last minute and that the surgeries bring in 70% - 80% of the hospital's revenue.  Or they did know but just did not care, they were intoxicated with the emergency powers they have and could not stop and think before they pulled the plug on the patient.

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