Governor Whitmer just let everyone who supports her know what she thinks of their intelligence.  Does anyone really believe that Whitmer told Joe Biden that she did not want the VP position? 

My observation has nothing to do with her party, ideology, or what she has done to this state.   If any politician who never held national office and was in the 2nd year of their first term of the governor told me they did not want the VP job I would say the same thing.

On top of that, she has been interviewing for this position ever since the COVID virus came to the shores of America and the citizens of Michigan are the ones paying for the negative consequences of her decisions.

The AP is reporting that:

“Whitmer sent word to Biden's team that while she was flattered, she no longer wanted to be considered for the running mate slot, according to a high-ranking Democrat familiar with the process. She recommended Biden pick a Black woman.”

The AP went on with their fictitious story and wrote:

“But Biden still wanted Whitmer in the mix, and he personally called her in mid-June to ask if she would continue on to the second, more intensive round of vetting, according to the official. Whitmer agreed.”

What a patriot Whitmer was when she agreed to continue on to the next round to become the VP candidate.  

Apparently she was not that concerned about Biden choosing a “black woman”!

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