With Battle Creek’s first dog park coming sometime this year, the City is working on a proposed set of rules by which the park should operate.

The Battle Creek City Commission is voting on a proposed resolution on Tuesday, which would lay out 18 different regulations for the Home Run Dog Park set to be built in Bailey Park. These rules state that a dog owner must keep their dog within their sight and under control, and dogs that act aggressively are banned; if a dog bites or scratches a person or another animal and breaks the skin, the owner must contact animal control and remove their pet from the park pending quarantine by the police.

Owners can only bring 2 dogs, and the dogs must be at least 4 months old and be licensed and up to date on their vaccinations. Other rules state that owners have to clean up after their dog, and are forbidden from bringing dogs larger than 25 pounds into the small dog part of the park. Violations of these regulations can result in being banned from the park.

The goal is to open Home Run Dog Park sometime this summer. The complete language of these rules is below.


  1. “The Owner” is defined under these rules as any individual 16 or older who brings a dog to the Dog Park or has a dog in their care. The Owner assumes any and all liability for any injury or damage to any person, animal or property, caused by their dog(s) or themselves.
  2. Your dog must be within your sight and under your control at all times. Owners must prevent their dogs from fighting, biting or barking excessively. You must have a leash on hand at all times when inside the enclosure.
  3. Owners must immediately notify Animal Control or the Police of any dog bite or scratch to a human or another dog in which the skin has been broken or punctured by calling (269) 781-0911. The offending dog must immediately be tethered and removed from the dog park, pending quarantine by the Battle Creek Police Department. City ordinance 608.12.
  4. Dogs showing aggressive behavior are prohibited. Dogs that have been classified as potentially dangerous or dangerous, pursuant to City ordinance 608.29 are not permitted within the park.
  5. Children under 10 years old are prohibited inside the Dog Park enclosure. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Only 2 dogs per Owner are permitted in the Dog Park at the same time.
  7. Dogs under 4 months old are prohibited inside the Dog Park.
  8.  All dogs must have a valid license and current vaccinations. Dogs must wear a collar with the County or City license tag and owner identification.
  9. Only basic, flat buckle collars are permitted inside the enclosure.
  10. Digging is prohibited. The Owner is responsible for filling holes created by their dog.
  11. Dogs must be leashed when outside the enclosure. Leash and control your dog prior to exiting your vehicle. Your dog must be leashed when entering and exiting the Dog Park.
  12. Owners must bag all feces left by their dog(s) in the provided bags and dispose of in the appropriate receptacles.
  13. Smoking, eating food, dog food, dog treats, rawhides and glass containers are prohibited inside the enclosure.
  14. Dogs must be accompanied by Owner age 16 or older at all times.
  15. Dogs in heat or displaying symptoms of illness are prohibited.
  16. Dog Park hours are 7:00 a.m. to sunset, year round and being present in the Dog Park outside of these hours is prohibited.
  17. Dogs exceeding 25 pounds are prohibited from entering the Small Dog Park portion of the Dog Park.
  18. Failure to follow City Park and Dog Park rules may result in ejection and/or being banned and/or be subject to prosecution under Battle Creek City Ordinances, including but not limited to 1060.05(b)(5). Owners of dogs must leave the Dog Park upon direction by a City Police Officer, an Animal Control Officer, or by a City Parks and Recreation Department employee for violation of these Rules and future use may be prohibited.

 Dog Park Policies: You must close all gates behind you. The small Dog Park is only for the use of dogs 25 lbs or under. There is no size restriction for the large Dog Park area. Owners of small dogs are strongly encouraged to use the small Dog Park. It may be dangerous for small dogs to interact with larger dogs. Use of dog parks is at your own risk.

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