Some wine connoisseurs were very excited, to say nothing of the donut lovers out there.

Sweetwater's Donut Mill on Wednesday announced a new partnership with Kalamazoo's Tempo Vino Winery to produce donut-flavored wine.

Sweetwater's sent an email blast to its faithful fans, and the word began to spread.

They'd even come up with a very convincing sounding name for the new wine - "Vin de Beignet" - which means donut wine in French. They even claimed to have collaborated with a food institute in Chicago on the project.

But, before folks could run off to the store and find the new wine, recipients of the email read the fine print: April Fools!

Ah, well. Today, it's back to normal. Donut flavors are on a plate at Sweetwater's - not in a glass!

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