The Detroit Free Press is reporting that retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson beats Donald Trump in a head to head match up in Michigan against Democrats Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders.

According to a new poll taken by EPIC-MRA of 600 likely Michigan voters Oct. 25-31, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4% points, Dr. Carson is leading, the results are as follows:

Dr. Carson would beat Hillary Clinton by a 46%-40% margin


Dr. Carson would beat Senator Bernie Sanders by a 45%-36% margin

When businessman Donald Trump is put up against Democrats Hillary Clinton and Senator Sanders, the results are reversed.

Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump by a 46%-38% margin, and Senator Sanders margin of victory would be a 48%-36% win.

Interesting that the self-described socialist Senator Sanders only loses 2% compared to Hillary Clinton in the head to head matchup.

What does this tell you about Michigan voters and Hillary’s support?

Other numbers reported in the Detroit Free Press article are as follows:

  • Rick Snyder with a 49% favorability rating
  • President Barack Obama favorability rating is 48%
  • Carson has a favorability rating of 42%
  • Hillary Clinton has a favorability rating of 40%.

Now onto the unfavorable ratings:

  • Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable ratings is 52%
  • Businessman Donald Trump unfavorable rating is at 60%.

The Michigan citizens polled identified themselves as 40% Democrats, 36% Republicans and 20% Independents.

Still too early in the race to make much of this but it is interesting to see what Michiganders are thinking.

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