An additional eight businesses in Michigan  had their liquor licenses suspended, including one bar in Battle Creek’s Urbandale. According to a release from the Michigan State Police Department on Tuesday, the suspensions came after a series of violations of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Emergency Order. The suspensions were made between December 9th through the 14th.

On December 9, 2020, MLCC Commissioners ordered emergency suspensions of the liquor licenses and permits held by Spanky’s, Inc. d/b/a Spanky’s Tavern located at 1414 Michigan Ave. West in Battle Creek.

Spanky's Tavern did get their license re-instated after a hearing on Zoom on Monday afternoon with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.  Licensee Barry Beamish was assessed a fine for both counts related to the suspension order, and the license was fully reinstated effective December 15th by Michigan Administrative Law Judge Mike St. John.

The Commission had issued an emergency suspension order of its Class C, and Specially Designated Merchant licenses and permits for Sunday Sales (P.M.), Dance, and Direct Connection. 

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Other, non-local venues cover a significant portion of Michigan’s map, including: Andiamo Italia in Warren, Polski’s Pub & Grub in Clinton Township, Dex’s Loggers Landing in Luther, Kal-Ho Bar in Kalkaska, Charlie’s Bar & Grill in Potterville, Plaza Lanes in Plymouth Township and Hatorando Susi and Sports Bar in Hartland. Several of the venues are scheduled for a virtual hearing, via zoom, to determine if their suspensions should continue.

MDHHS is citing several violations for the businesses which include: allowing non-residential, in-person gatherings, providing in-person dining, failure to require face coverings for staff and patrons and failure to prohibit patrons from gathering.

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