Swimming in the Great Lakes this summer? Do you know the correct maneuvers to perform if you suddenly were drowning?

Dave Benjamin, executive director of public relations and project management with the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, recommends the "flip, float and follow" procedure. Similar to the "stop, drop and roll" protocol when someone is on fire, Benjamin said these three words can be help similarly.

Courtesy GLSRP.org
Courtesy GLSRP.org

Benjamin said most people underestimate the power of the water, thinking "I'm a good swimmer," so they feel they can be safe. In fact, he said, 60 percent of drowning cases are those who considered themselves to be good swimmers.

Click the player above to hear more, including what to do if you get caught up in a rip current. Benjamin said the "swim parallel to shore" protocol might not always be the best choice in such cases.

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