Taking a look inside this custom-built airplane will leave you, as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous once promised, with "champagne wishes and caviar dreams." The work for this limousine of the skies was done by Duncan Aviation in Battle Creek.

The airplane is a Global Express XRS and decked out in a striking 'arctic camo' exterior.

What's as incredible as the work done on this plane is that it was completed right here in Battle Creek at Duncan Aviation. They shared details of the project on Facebook:

 This one-of-a-kind Global Express XRS was highly customized to match the owner’s taste, and is highlighted by an arctic camo paint scheme and striking interior.
“I’m just really happy with how everything turned out. The craftsmanship, amount of time, and the pride our interior and exterior teams put into their work really shows.” -Lead Designer, Emily Krawczak

Duncan Aviation says they have done previous work for this client and this renovation and exterior color scheme reflects the owner's affinity for the arctic regions of the world.
So now it's time to take a look inside. But just look, mind you - we likely can't afford to do much else than peek:

Stunning Arctic Camo Global Express XRS Built at Duncan Aviation in Battle Creek

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