The MLB All Star Game will be in Miami this year.  How many Cubs, White Sox and Tigers players will we see?  As of right now only three players from those teams (other than pitchers and coaches) could be in the game. 

According to CBS Sports,  Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers is leading the votes for first base in the American League.  Kris Bryant of the Cubs leads at third base for the National League and his team mate Jason Heyward is third in votes for outfielders.

Miggy is the only Tiger who is even close to being voted in.   As for the White Sox, Avisail Garcia is sitting fifth in the outfield and like Miggy, the only member of his team that is close to being voted in.

The Cubs are looking a little better.  Three Cubs players sit second at their positions and one is third could more crack the starting lineup it depends on votes.   I remember just last year when the entire Cubs infield started in the game.  Could it happen again?

There will be changes i'm sure as there is still time to vote.  Voting ends  June 29th at 11:59 p.m.

It is a surprise that Miguel Cabrera is leading at first, but as usual fans want to see the best and he is still one of the best hitters in the game despite a down season so far.

Get those votes in and we'll see who makes it there from the Cubs, Tigers and White Sox.  The game is July 11th.

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