President Obama and the Democrat party are saying that their new policies will result in cleaner air and help save the planet from Global Warming, but at what cost to you?

Their new regulations include increased ozone standards, limiting of carbon emission from your power plants, and mandating more ethanol in your gasoline, which we are being told by experts will have serious negative consequences for you.

Those consequences include but are not limited to:

  • higher electricity rates
  • loss of jobs in the manufacturing and energy sectors
  • Reduced air quality from the use of ethanol

Jason Hill, associate professor of bioproducts and biosystems engineering at the University of Minnesota, was quoted in an article in The Washington Times concerning the use of ethanol, in his testimony in front of a House subcommittee that “The Renewable Fuel Standard, because it is currently dominated by corn grain ethanol, is responsible for reduced air quality over much of the U.S., which leads to increased mortality.”  He then went on to testify that the blended gasoline is cleaner when burned but the production process releases harmful pollution.

Pollution which would make our air dirtier, not cleaner.

The Washington Times article also reported that “data from the federal Energy Information Administration has shown that the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the final version of which will be released Monday, will raise electricity rates for average Americans, at least in the short term. The proposal will limit carbon emissions from power plants, and the EPA has admitted that coal’s share of U.S. power generation will drop by about 25 percent if the plan is fully implemented.”

A drop of 25% of U.S. power generation will be huge.  Even if it dropped by 15%, can you imagine the rate increases?

According to the article recent federal data show that the Clean Power Plan will drive up costs in many parts of the country, though the research does say prices eventually will stabilize. One recent report from the Energy Information Administration said average electricity prices could rise by as much as 7% as a result of the plan. The regulations also are already being blamed for the closure or conversion of coal-fired power plants across the country.

It is being reported that the cost for compliance with the new rules could be as high as $10 billion a year, for U.S. companies and you the consumer of the U.S. companies’ products and services.

If there is no real proof of global warming, in effect the evidence shows there has been no global warming for almost 2 decades, then why do we the American people have to suffer?

If China, India, Russia and many other countries do nothing to combat what appears to be this factious global warming what effect on the planet would the U.S. have on it?

We need to start thinking very deeply about why the President and the democrat party is bringing all this pain to the American people.

Are you ready to pay the price for something much of the rest of the world is not?

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