I was talking about sanctuary cities here in the state of Michigan.  In fact I reported about a bill, House Bill 4105 titled the “Sanctuary Policy Prohibition Act", introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives last week which would bar local governments from enacting sanctuary city policies and would withhold state funding from any that do.

I received an email from one of my listeners named Pamela, who in-fact use to live in a "Sanctuary" city and described the problems that come along with that.  Read it in her own words:

Renk why not ask your listeners that live in sanctuary cities to call in and tell you what it is really like to live in a sanctuary city? I recently moved from a sanctuary city in a different state to Michigan. I can tell you the nightmare change that occurred as a result of thousands of illegal Mexicans caused in our city of 300,000. The bleeding heart liberals that have not experienced the reality of illegal people flooding into their town should experience the horrors that are created before they support this very bad idea.

First of all these people are ILLEGAL just by the fact that they broke a law to even be in the United States. They should not be afforded the benefits that U.S citizens enjoy. These illegals have a very strong and effective way of letting those waiting on the other side of the boarder what towns and cities will let them come and give them everything they want.

Watch as all your schools become jammed to the limits. Watch as your police stop enforcing laws when the illegal population becomes the majority....majority rules. Watch as the business owners, banks, restaurants, schools, merchants and even the post office will only hire bilingual employees. Watch as your hospitals become jammed with illegals that can not pay. Watch as your emergency room is only accessible in a reasonable amount time by arriving in an ambulance. Watch as your rental housing becomes jammed with 3-4 times more occupants than legally indicated. Watch as your food pantries empty day after day. Watch as your children come home from school telling you that they can not understand what is being said in school because Spanish is being spoken. Watch as your children are forced to learn to speak Spanish. Watch as the Mexican flag is flown at private homes on the 4th of July. Watch as the Mexican culture becomes as supported as American culture. Watch as illegals buy cars and drive the streets of your town not knowing how to drive, the rules of the road and are unable to read the road signs. Watch as everything is translated into English because the illegals are not here to assimilate. They would much prefer to be in their own country. Watch on Saturday mornings when you go to the post office the hundreds of illegals that are there to send huge packages of goods home to Mexico. IT IS A NIGHTMARE. THESE PEOPLE ARE EXPENSIVE AND VERY HAPPY TO REMIND YOU THAT THE US PREFERS THEM TO THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA AND THE FACT THAT SO MANY OF THEM ARE HERE IS PROOF.

Your thoughts?

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