I receive many interesting emails each week from my great listeners.  I wanted to share some of these with you.  I have decided to put up an email of the week as a blog so you could read and think about the perspective of one of you: a listener.

This one comes from Gary who listens to me on my affliate in Lansing WJIM, and he has given permission to publish his email in one of my blogs.

It is as follows:

Before Obama took office he said "we are 5 days away from transforming America".  What could he have meant?  I believe he meant changing America into a fully socialistic economy, not just a quasi one that be have been for more years than anyone wants to acknowledge.

How can he obtain his goal?  Revolutions do not have to bloody, but can occur without anyone seeing it till it is over.  I believe he deliberately put in place the economic policies that have caused a sharply wider gap between the have and the have-nots.   That has been accomplished.  Just listen to the way the "haves" are being attacked and the word greedy is used.  I know you were a fan, as I am, of Boortz, who did not believe in greed.

Has the revolution been successful?  I believe that it has.  On the Democrat side we have an openly avowed socialist running a strong second and drawing the largest crowds, arguably larger than Trump's.  Even on the Republican side, Trump is the front runner and he was (and maybe still is) a support of single pay system for health care.

Conservatives who hold to their beliefs in a limited government and hold the line against liberals (the House 40) are ridiculed by the media and called irresponsible and other derogatory comments.

It is not surprising to me that there was a number of people in the focus group who would prefer a socialist economy.  It has taken a hundred years but it is now Obama's job to lay the final brick in the building of a socialist economy.  We cannot go back without a true revolution.  The is may be the last election where we can stop it.

Now, to get really farfetched and speak the really unthinkable, and I just came up with this thought this morning.

What happens if Hillary is nominated as the Democrat candidate for president and then is indicted by the Obama FBI (yes I know they are supposed to be independent).  What path might be taken in the event of such a constitutional crisis?

Gary from DeWitt MI

What are your thoughts?

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