I receive many interesting emails each week from my great listeners.  I wanted to share some of these with you.  I have decided to put up an email of the week as a blog so you could read and think about the perspective of one of you: a listener.

The one comes from a listener named Jeramy, and has given permission to publish his email in one of my blogs.

His email was in response to our discussion around President Obama, his administration and the Democrat Party's support of the Iranian Nuclear deal.

It is as follows:

I believe it is insane to think our president thinks this could be a good deal. I think itss ironic that he is all about gun control laws becoming tighter yet isn't Iran getting a nuke the same thing on a much deadlier scale? Maybe he is trying to set up the next elected president with a war crisis that will be so bad that it will allow everyone to forget all the things he has done, (not supporting law enforcement, not stopping cop killings, Obama care, ect.) Thanks and as always great show.

What are your thoughts?

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