America is a great country, in fact, I would say the greatest in the world. 


Because it offers opportunities to everyone. If you work very hard, first at school then at work and not spend the money you earn frivolously you have a very good chance of living a comfortable life financially.  Obviously, the word “comfortable” is in the eye of the beholder.  I define it as having a home to live in, food on the table and an ability to pay your bills.

Does America have flaws?  Of course it does, do you?  

Has American had major flaws? Of course it did and slavery is the number one major flaw.

Has America moved past slavery?  Of course it has for all but the race baiters who rely on it to make their living.

I will give you two examples of people celebrating July 4th and you tell me who is the person that embodies the true American spirit and we want in this country and who does not and we do not want in this country due to the extreme hate that lives in their heart, soul and mind.

One is brought to us by NBC Sports Chicago.  They interviewed former Major League Baseball player Ozzie Guillén last Sunday and he broke down in tears while speaking about the day he became a U.S. citizen.  Ozzie came to this country from Venezuela and played primarily for the Chicago White Sox from 1985 to 2000. He was then a coach and manager for the White Sox, leading them to the World Series Championship in 2005.

He said:

“It’s special. People don’t know how hard that is. How many people die … How many people want to be American. This is an honor for me”

When asked why he was so emotional he said:

“Opportunities, man … opportunities opened the door for me. I’ve been living in this country for a long time..opened the door” for him and his family “to be who they are.”

Hear it in his own words:

“How many people want to be American”!  According to the left not many.

Do you think that many people want to be American because we are such a racist country that want to keep people of color down?

Now contrast that to a Democrat California congresswoman by the name of Maxine Waters.  On July 4th she tweeted the following:

That received a reply by another Democrat Congresswoman from Missouri named Cori Bush.  She tweeted:

These hate America and blacks are not free words are coming from black people elected to Congress.  This is what the Democratic Party is today.  Was there not a black President or have they denounced him as being a black man and now categorize him as white because his mother was?  Do they believe that Biden was not elected as President because they do not believe that the Vice-President is black?

One is a language of love and appreciation the other is a language of hate and divisiveness.

You tell me who embodies the real American?

It is time for all real Americans to stand together and say enough is enough and push these people with hate in their hearts, soul and minds to the side.  Only love and respect for all human beings will improve this great country.

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