Yesterday it was Target, now it is Eastern Michigan University bending over to the PC crowd.

I just read an article published today in the Detroit News informing us the “Eastern Michigan University is dropping the Hurons logo from the school’s marching band uniforms after controversy erupted this spring among Native Americans and students over its use.”

Have you seen the emblem?  It is not offensive at all.

The Hurons logo is of a Native American face with paint and feathers.

Emu President announced their decision in an online post stating the following:

“This morning I notified members of the Native American Student Organization (NASO) and their faculty advisor, Dr. Lori Burlingame, that I am initiating a process to remove the Huron logo from the jackets of the EMU Marching Band.  The university will be purchasing new uniform jackets with no logos nor symbols other than the block “E,” which will continue to be on the outside of the jacket.”

I have learned in my research on this issue that the use of the Huron logo has been controversial at the university for a while. EMU was known as the Hurons for 62 years but In 1991 they buckled under pressure from the Michigan Civil Rights Commission and Native Americans.  It appears EMU was one of the first schools in the nation to drop its "controversial"  logo and change from the Hurons to the Eagles.

Apparently former president Susan Martin restored the Hurons logo to the EMU Marching Band uniform in 2012.  She wanted to promote what she called the university’s history and pride.

Apparently the NASO group at EMU do not feel much pride for their tribe.

Believe it or not, I really mean believe it, last June U.S. Justice Department officials visited EMU to meet with former president Martin as well as a Native American campus group to discuss their concerns over the continued use of the Hurons logo after students allegedly, and the fact that they are still saying allegedly at this point tells me something, harassed a Native American elder in April.

Again the government sticking their nose into something I believe they have no business sticking their nose into.  Does our U.S. Justice Department not have enough work to do?

Might they be looking for, I don’t know.  A TERRORIST?

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