After a second failed bond request in less than 12 months, Pennfield Schools Superintendent Tim Everett tells 95.3 WBCK the district will, again, seek to figure out how voters want them to address security and other upgrades in school buildings.

The request, which asked voters for .60 mills as opposed to the .75-mill request in August 2016, was defeated by 35 votes. The August request was defeated by 16 votes.

Everett addressed a perception from some residents that of out-of-district students means residents are paying to educate students from other areas.

"We do have a large number of schools of choice students. They do bring in revenue from the state," Everett said. "It has allowed us to make some repairs and keep schools going."

According to Everett, about 40 percent of students live in other districts, but choose to attend Pennfield Schools.

The district has posted a survey on its website asking for residents to give their opinions about the failed requests and what district priorities should be. Everett said the district will also work to assign exact costs of the projects it wishes to complete, then attempt to sort out a budget to fund them.

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