In 2003 When Rick Fisher opened the FAB Magic Company in Colon, Michigan, it was basically a match made in heaven. Opening a magic company in the Magic Capital of the World is a no-brainer. But now 19 years later, they've made an announcement that will be bringing them more efficient business, while also staying true to their roots. Rick Fisher recently announced in a YouTube video that they would soon be relocating FAB Magic from Colon to Vicksburg:

This was an opportunity to expand our operations and offer our customers more products and services, including a public-friendly magic festival, close up and street magic festival. Our FAB downtown Colon facility will be open by appointment only and we will house our illusions and be open for special occasions here.

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He would continue:

We're excited to enhance our opportunities with Magic Camp and festivals. The sky is the limit for FAB Magic and locating closer to Kalamazoo and larger cities, yet keeping a presence in a smaller yet cohesive community is in the best interest of our customers and for FAB Magic.

As mentioned in the video announcement, dates have not been set when the re-location process will occur but made it clear that this move is for the purpose of success. The Vicksburg Mill Convention Center will be open within the next few years and will be bringing in even more tourism, which may be another reason they chose the area, as even more eyes will be on their product. We'll be updating once we know more, but until then, watch the announcement for all info so far below:

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