Hiding behind a false wall wasn’t enough to fool Calhoun County Sheriff Deputies, Tuesday, May 17th.  

Acting on a tip that a Springfield man, wanted for multiple warrants, was at his residence in the 1000-block of Harmonia Road, deputies were dispatched to take the suspect into custody. Upon arrival, the 40-year-old man was nowhere in sight, but deputies knew that an apparently empty house is not always unoccupied. Some elusive suspects can come up with creative ideas to avoid capture. 

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A thorough search was conducted and an “eagle-eyed” deputy noticed a wall, within the home, which didn’t quite meet normal specifications. A closer inspection proved his suspicions were correct, revealing that it was a fake wall that was built to conceal a cagey criminal. The suspect was taken into custody and a search of the property revealed a stolen motorcycle, two “cut” catalytic converters, and suspected methamphetamine. 

Not only was the wily suspected thief arrested on his outstanding warrants, but charges of Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property and Resisting Arrest were added to his resume. He now resides within the confines of his cell at the Calhoun County Jail. 

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