At this time, Michigan will only allow roughly 1,000 fans inside Comercia Park for the Tiger Games.

Monday, fans were seen protesting outside of the stadium, hoping to push so more fans could sit in the stands, according to WILX.

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Right now, the state mandates that any outdoor entertainment facilities allow no more than 1,000 customers inside the facility, whilst Comerica Park's capacity is at 41,000+.

“We’re just asking the governor to follow the science,” Michigan Republican Party Communications Director, Ted Goodman said. “It has been clear from the beginning of this pandemic this has all been about politics and raising her national profile. She’s done a good job with that. All we’re asking is that the governor follow the science and not the political science when it comes to safely reopening the economy.”

Any increased ticket availability will be announced in two weeks on the Detroit Tigers' opening day on April 1st.

“As it relates to attendance capacity, that’s going to be guided by government officials and health experts. I’m very confident that our team is going to be able to execute the protocols and procedures to safely welcome (fans) to Comerica Park for Opening Day. We’re very excited about that,” Tigers owner, Christopher Litch told reporters.

“We’ve laid out very clearly all of our capabilities, and we’ve shared industry information and data that’s available from other clubs and other locales...We’ve heard from government officials that their key interests are in keeping people safe, which is exactly where they should be focused." Quotes from

Litch added that any news pertaining to opening up seating availability will directly correlate to what Government officials announce.

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