Michigan State Police are still searching for the suspect in a fatal hit and run that left a Battle Creek man dead.

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Law enforcement officers are still searching for the suspect involved in a fatal hit and run that occurred on eastbound I-94 at mile marker 87 near Galesburg. Michigan State Police troopers and other emergency personal responded to the scene at around 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Through further investigation, there is more information that has come to light and details that have changed regarding the incident.

In the first release from Michigan State Police, it was stated that the suspect vehicle hit the victim's pickup pushing his vehicle into him. The victim was identified as 71-year-old William Pinson. Investigators have since found that William was standing on the driver's side of his truck near the traffic lane.

William was struck directly by the suspect's vehicle. The impact threw William into the side of his truck. The suspect fled the scene. Investigators now say that much of the damage to the suspect vehicle came from hitting the victim.

State police say the suspect vehicle likely has noticeable damage on its passenger side and the frame of the windshield. There could also be black paint that transferred to the suspect vehicle during the incident.

The suspect vehicle is described as likely being a higher profile vehicle such as a pickup, van, or semi-truck.

Investigators are still trying to learn where the victim was heading to and coming from.

The investigation continues and anyone with information is asked to contact Michigan State Police Paw Paw Post at 269-657-5551.

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