One person was reportedly killed in a Kalamazoo area house fire early Thursday and it is the same home where a shooting incident had been reported earlier this month.

WWMT reports that a driver spotted the fire in the 400 block of Grand Prairie Rd in Kalamazoo Township in the early morning hours. The alert citizen called 911 and tried to knock on the door to get the attention of anyone inside. When fire officials arrived, they were able to get the heavy flames under control, and discovered one deceased person inside the residence. There were no reports of any other injuries or individuals at the home.

There is no official determination on the cause of the fire, but Kalamazoo Township Police have confirmed that this is the same property where gunshots had been fired earlier this month. On January 13th, a suspect is said to have fired up to five bullets into the home before fleeing. There were no reported injuries from that incident and a suspect was not located or identified.

Authorities say they haven't ruled anything out at this point as they continue their investigations.



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