Local law enforcement agencies are set to get some supplementary cash from the federal government.

A resolution on the Battle Creek City Commission’s consent agenda for their meeting next Tuesday authorizes the Battle Creek City Manager to accept a $43,000 grant from the US Department of Justice. The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant will go to both the Battle Creek Police Department and Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office; the BCPD is getting $23,700 to employ a Victim Advocate to advise victims, their families, as well as the victim’s caregivers, doctors, attorneys, and more.

The Victim Advocate will create "plans for recovery and following the victim's progress for approximately one year of the incident." According to the Program Narrative, the Victim Advocate will be "'successful' if they prevent the victim from having to advocate for themselves within multiple systems and instead facilitate the victims/families' ability to focus on their own mental, physical, and spiritual recovery."

With their share of $19,400, the Sheriff’s Office to purchase new communications equipment for their patrol division.

The City of Battle Creek will manage the program for the agencies.

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