It was a dark day years ago when former First Lady Michelle Obama banned regular chocolate milk and replaced it with no fat chocolate milk in our schools lunch halls.

Well that dark cloud has been lifted from our schools and replaced with a low fat chocolate milk option thanks to the Trump Administration.

EAG news is reporting that the Trump Administration through the U.S. Department of Agriculture will roll back the restrictions.  These regulations restricted some food items concerning total calories, fat, sugar, sodium, and whole grain content.  Since those dark days our government created the schools had to apply for waivers to allow them to serve students food that they would actually eat.

The Trump administration has decided to get rid of what they consider the unnecessary bureaucracy of waivers and will make their changes permanent.

The School Nutrition Association has informed us that approximately 2 million fewer children are eating lunch provided by schools each day since the Obama-inspired rules took effect.

The Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue stated last Friday the changes, which are scheduled to be published in a rule later this month, is based on the obvious reality that healthy lunches are not benefiting children if they won’t eat them.  He is quoted in the article stating:

If kids are not eating what is being served, they are not benefiting, and food is being wasted…We will listen to schools, and make common-sense changes as needed, to ensure they can meet the needs of their students based on their real-world experience in local communities

Margo Wootan from the Center for Science in the Public Interest said in a statement:

Parents will be disappointed when they learn that the meals served to their kids in school are under attack from President Trump’s de-regulatory agenda…This will mean that school lunches will fail to be consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, as is required by law.

Under attack?  Were the school lunch programs not “under attack” when the Obama Administration regulated them?  I understand you may believe in the Obama Administrations regulation but at least be somewhat honest and say the lunch programs were “under attack” back then as well.

Those of us with children know that much of the food served under the Obama’s regulation was just wasted when the children threw the food away.

You can smile again children.


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