It was during the blizzard that crossed Southwest Michigan over the Holiday weekend, that a tragic fire struck a rural Battle Creek farmhouse, on Christmas Eve, killing three dogs that were trapped inside. 

The Battle Creek Fire Department was dispatched at 12:36 PM, Saturday afternoon, and as they approached the farmhouse, in the 13000-block of Renton Road, they observed that the country home was involved in heavy fire. Rescue 6, Squad 3, and car 3 were first on the scene, and the crews were alerted that the homeowner was able to safely evacuate from the home, but three dogs were believed to still be inside the blazing structure. The crews began an interior attack and initiated a search for the trapped pets, but due to the intensity of the fire, they were unable to rescue the animals. 

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As Squad 6 continued the interior attack on the inferno, Engine 2, Rescue 2, and Engine 5 played vital roles in the attack and water supply. Fellow firefighters from the East Leroy Township Fire Department and Climax Fire Department, banded together during blizzard conditions with the Battle Creek crews, supplying crucial tanker/water support. The aftermath of the heartbreaking event resulted in approximately $560,000 in property damage and the loss of three beloved family pets. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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