The Michigan State Gaming Commission recently gave the green light for many commercial and tribal casinos to open up their online sports betting and gambling platforms. Last week, a couple more got the go-ahead. But Calhoun County’s  Firekeepers Casino is still off the official list. But it appears the casino will soon be ready to launch its online offerings.

In the meantime, Firekeepers is touting what it will open up for online betting to get potential customers familiar with the offerings.  A Firekeepers spokesperson tells WBCK that the online programs may be ready within the next two weeks. Firekeepers is preparing to launch both a mobile app and website for its “Igaming” options.  One of the enticements the casino is offering a connection between its Red Hot Rewards Card and its Igaming platform with up to $200 credit. That’s going on through the 15th of the month.

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The technical logistics of setting up online sports betting and more normal online gambling are monumental. Even though some companies that supply expertise in the area have been at it for a while. It’s not just the technical aspects of running the betting process and games online, but the finances and connecting with bettors accounts, and providing full financial accounting reports and disclosures to the state.  After all, the state gets a hefty chunk of the money changing hands with the online process, just like with the in-person casinos.  The tax revenue and tax sharing programs involving casinos have provided a huge lift for many communities around Michigan.

Calhoun County. About this time last year. Firekeepers was announcing
5.8 million in local revenue sharing for Calhoun County units of government including schools. A financial study figures the casino is responsible for well over $440 million in sales and as much as $65 million in personal income to Calhoun County over the last ten years.
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