Firekeepers Casino is set to open this morning at 11 am. Firekeepers has been shut down for about 10 weeks due to the virus shutdown ordered by Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Firekeepers and several other tribally owned and managed casinos in Michigan are now opening, despite the Governor’s latest closing extension.

A statement from Firekeeper’s CEO Kathy does not refer to the current closing COVID-19 virus closing order. George does reference the virus, however, saying “Do not visit FireKeepers Casino Hotel if you have a fever, if you are not feeling well, have recently traveled outside of the U.S., or have had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. Stay home and visit when the time is right." Firekeepers has a lineup of safety precautions ready to go for the reopening. Some of those include instructing guests to maintain appropriate social distancing. Every other slot machine is closed to help with distancing. And the casino will not promise access to games or the building for that matter depending on the number of current guests on site. So first come first serve applies. What some may find the most difficult is no one will be allowed to smoke at Firekeepers now. And everyone on site is required to wear a face mask. Guests are required to bring their own. Everyone, guests, and employees alike will be subject to symptom scans before being allowed entry. The casino has its complete list of safety measures and requirements posted on its website. Firekeepers is now accepting hotel and dining reservations on its website.

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