How early do you need to get in line to be the first in line for President Trump’s Merry Christmas Rally?Well, really early.

While on air this morning, I received a phone call from someone in downtown Battle Creek who saw two women in line for the rally.   They are the first two in line for President Trump’s Battle Creek ‘Merry Christmas’ Rally and are pictured above. 

I asked the caller if he could go back and tell them to call into my show. He did and they called in. We learned that Sandra came all the way from Sault Ste. Marie, MI and this is her 31st Trump Rally, in what I believe was 15 states.  We also met her friend Judy; they met at a previous Trump rally. She comes from Metamora Michigan and is attending her 3rd or 4th rally.

They informed myself and my audience that they came to town last night, slept in their car, and then woke up this morning and got in line.

They are two dedicated President Trump women who really care about the United States of America and the fact that President Trump has ‘made America Great Again’.

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