The Michigan Department of Transportation announced grants this week as part of their annual review of Category B programs from the Transportation Economic Development Fund.

Category B grants, or the Community Service Infrastructure Fund, are for cities or villages in the state that have populations of 10,000 people or less. Eligible cities and villages can apply for the grants for roads that are ineligible for federal aid or secondary all-season roads. This year's grants are on projects that can be completed by the end of 2021, and can be part of capital preventative maintenance, other infrastructure projects and work alongside local road agencies.

Other parameters for the grant includes a maximum of $250,000 with a minimum 50% cash match from the city or village and the project must be road construction other than regular maintenance. Cities and villages are allowed to apply for grants in consecutive years.

There were 23 applicants that were approved statewide through the CSIF. The fund was established in 2018 as a stop-gap program to help fund road projects in small communities, according to the MDOT release from August 11th. This year's grants ranged from $30,000 to the maximum $250,000 for projects involving road resurfacing, culvert replacement, crack sealing of pavement and other preservation measures.

Below are the Southwest Michigan communities that will see new projects in 2021 through the CSIF grant -

  • City of Albion ($250,000 grant/ 68% match of $528,000 = $778,000) - Project will involve 1st, 2nd, and 3rd streets; Hartwell and Wild streets.
  • Village of Centreville ($189,950 grant/ 51% match of $200,000 = $389,950) - Project involves Dean Street.
  • City of Hartford ($204,000 grant/ 50% match of $204,000 = $408,000) - Project involves Wendell Avenue.
  • Village of Lawton ($75,000 grant/ 50% match of $75,000 = $150,000) - Project will involve North Nursery, Durkee, North, Fremont and 29th streets; 66th and 72nd avenues; Point Way and White Oak Road.
  • City of Watervliet ($454,000 grant/ 50% match of $245,000 = $490,000) - Project involves Elm Street.
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