The National Collegiate Athletic Association's (or the NCAA, whichever you prefer) Men's Basketball Tournament is officially under way! As your native Sports Guy, let me introduce you to my bracket for the 2016 edition.

I will be honest, I love this time of year! When do you get a chance to multitask at your best when you are trying to finish your latest report at work or making calls from your cubicle and you are either listening to a game on the radio or the internet (which you should), or watching it on your tablet or phone. That is a daily occurrence for me.

Last year, my first two rounds were strong before the Regional Semifinals (or the Sweet 16) turned my bracket into kindling. This comes a year after I lost several challenges with family and friends, including one to a pair of dogs (that's a long story).

It's a new tournament with a lot of promise this year. You may look at my winner and think that I'm being a homer. If I went with my heart and gut, I'd have Wisconsin win every year (that's another story). I go with my head and my knowledge when it comes to this.

To say the least, we all hope for the perfect bracket. It's practically impossible. I can't quite remember the probability of it occurring, but it is why so many companies offer the grand prize of umpteen gazillion dollars to you.

If my bracket ends up being a perfect bracket, don't worry. I'll still be here.

Without further ado, here is my bracket!

Nate Adams Bracket - Day 1
Nate Adams Bracket - Day 1

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