Back in July, the principal at Lakeview High School visited with us to talk about a then-announced ban on students' access to smart phones during school hours. The move gained attention across Michigan - and perhaps beyond - as it seemed to be a boundary between freedoms and distractions in the classroom districts have not been willing to cross.

In July, Principal Jeffrey Bohl told WBCK the issue had been in the discussion phase for about three years. Finally, teachers and administration felt it was time to move forward with the ban, as most felt it was a significant enough distraction to classroom learning.

Now, almost three months into the school year, two LHS seniors visited with us to give their impressions of how the ban was going. In fact, Jessica Hughes is the editor of the Lakeview Crystal newspaper and Taryn Snyder is the assistant editor; they examined it from their own personal perspectives, as well as that of a news team.

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