Dear Santa,

I know what I want for Christmas - and it won't cost you as much as it would have a few months ago! It's only about $1.1 million, and it's right here in Battle Creek!

How's that sound for a Christmas wish? It's true, though: Battle Creek's most expensive home on the market now will not cost you as much, since the sellers have lowered the asking price.

We first told you about 728 Country Club Drive, on Goguac Lake, back in October. Back then, the asking was $1.375 million for the 4900-square-foot, 5-bedroom home with lake frontage. Since then, the price has dropped to $1,099,000, with its most recent drop of $276,000 on December 1, 2016, according to

Go ahead - take another look. You know you want to!

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