I admit it - when I heard Hillary's '86 Cutlass was for sale, I got a little excited. My dad had two Cutlass Supremes in the '80s. They were cool cars. And, for a while, the Cutlass Supreme was the best selling car.

A hot looking coupe. Maybe black. Heck, maybe Hillary even sprung for a Hurst or a 4-4-2.

We do know, though, a former first lady, senator, Secretary of State and presidential candidate doesn't grip a steering wheel too often. But, back in the day, she did apparently.

And no, it wasn't a 4-4-2, but a more practical Cutlass Ciera sedan. So it's not a muscle car, but most collectors would agree that a car once owned by someone famous has some extra value.

These days the car is for sale, the owner apparently seizing an opportunity to capitalize on the "Hillary-doesn't-drive" and "Hillary-can't-ride-the-subway" wave. They apparently tried to sell it in 2011, and this video was posted:

So it isn't a muscle car, but apparently it did sit at the White House for some time (not sure I believe the seller in the video saying Hillary drove it there from Arkansas when her husband was elected president. Somehow I can't imagine a first lady-elect settling into the Ciera's plush velour and turnpike-ing it up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but I digress). With only 30-some-thousand miles on it, it's a find.

And it has extra historical value, thanks to it's rather famous former owner.

Not your father's Oldsmobile.

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