A good job can be even better when the company is one of the best in the country to work for. Forbes says 11 of these firms are in West and Southwest Michigan.

Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.

Whether it was Marc Anthony, Mark Twain or Wayne on Letterkenney who first said this, it rings true. Not only is a passion for your career important, but the climate of the workplace makes an immense difference in personal satisfaction.

We spend a lot of time at work, and just as a toxic environment with a micromanaging, oppressive, inept boss can be draining, the right climate can be nurturing. A hefty paycheck is a nice reward, but being treated like a decent human being with value can be priceless.

Forbes magazine knows a little bit about business, and they've just named the best businesses to work for in America: eleven companies from West and Southwest Michigan made the list.

America's Best Large Employers 2021

Steelcase | Grand Rapids | 147

  • A big part of why Grand Rapids has the nickname "the Furniture City," Steelcase was founded in 1912 and is the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world.

Pfizer | Portage | 229

  • One of the world's premier biopharmaceutical companies is now headquartered in New York, but maintains a large manufacturing facility in Portage.

Consumers Energy | Jackson | 231

  • This public utility provides natural gas and electricity to 6.6 million of Michigan's 10 million residents. Headquartered in Jackson, the company has a large footprint in West and Southwest Michigan.

Stryker | Kalamazoo | 242

Perrigo | Allegan | 394

  • Another now global operation headquartered in Dublin, Ireland that had humble beginnings in Allegan, Michigan. Perrigo is a leading provider of over-the-counter health and wellness solutions.

Kellogg's | Battle Creek | 401

America's Best Midsize Employers 2021

Gentex | Zeeland | 5

Fellowes Brands | Holland | 24

Wright Medical | Kalamazoo | 163

  • In 2019, Stryker bought this upper-body implant manufacturer to add to its portfolio.

Wolverine Worldwide | Rockford | 342

  • Since 1883, this shoe company has been making big strides and doing great things.

ADAC Automotive | Cascade | 428

  • ADAC designs vehicle access systems, to allow convenient, seamless entry and exit from vehicles.
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I can tell you that these are some of the best companies in the country to work for, but I can't tell you how to get a job there. Keep focused on improving, networking and keep that drive to succeed and you could be working for one of the best firms in the country, right here in Michigan.

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h/t Grand Rapids Business Journal

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