I used to enjoy going to Detroit but over the last few years, parking has become a nightmare. If I had car that could park itself in a parking garage, I'd be all about it.

Earlier this week (Wednesday) Ford and auto parts supplier Bosch showed how automated valet parking could one day replace traditional valet parking in the future.

According to Mashable, using a connected Ford Escape that has Ford's Co-Pilot360 driver-assistance system, a smartphone app, and a "smart" garage equipped with Bosch's sensors and self-driving infrastructure, the car was able to park itself and later pull out of the spot.

Basicially you'd pull into a parking garage and park at a designated area, get out of your car and with the use of an app, tell your car to park istelf. When it's time to leave, you'd go to the same spot, open your app and have it drive around and pick you up. Pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

Ken Washington, chief technology officer at Ford Motor Company.:

We are continually searching for opportunities to expand our leading suite of Ford Co-Pilot360 driver-assist technologies that help people drive more confidently and we believe automated valet parking technology holds great promise. Our work with Bosch and Bedrock also aligns with our vision for the future, which includes increasingly automated vehicles that are more aware of their surroundings while requiring less on-board computing to help improve design, packaging and affordability.

I don't use valet parking very often, maybe at a hotel or something like that. I find it strange handing my keys over to some guy and then watching him drive off with my truck. I kind of feel a little violated lol.

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