Ford Field opened in 2022 and has since served as the home of the Detroit Lions. It's hosted a Super Bowl, WrestleMania, the MAC football championship, the MHSAA football and wrestling state championships, the Quick Lane Bowl college football game and many other sporting events.

But the venue isn't just good for sports. Ford Field has also been known to host some of music's top-performing artists.

From Hip-Hop to Country, Metal to Christian Rock, there is little Detroit's biggest stage hasn't seen.

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Of course, only the best of the best can headline a stadium tour - and then the tour has to make a stop in Detroit. As a result, there are some surprising talents who haven't played Ford Field - though those who have certainly worthy of commanding an audience anywhere between 40k-96k.

Just as surprising is that within the 22-year history of the stadium, there have only been 44 concerts, though some acts did hang around for back-to-back shows. Only a handful have played the stadium more than once, and again there are some surprises for those who haven't made repeat appearances.

Thankfully, concerts are becoming more common at the stadium. Prior to 2010, Ford Field only hosted seven shows not counting back-to-back performances. For comparison, there have been 13 shows since 2020 alone.

In 2024, only two more concerts are remaining on the event schedule: George Strait makes his first appearance on July 13 while in August, Kenny Chesney extends his lead for most performances at Ford Field.

Take a look below at every artist to headline a concert at Ford Field.

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