Ford Motor Company executives are displaying no shortage of smiles this week. The launch of the new all-electric F-150 Lightning got a huge publicity boost with the visit by President Joe Biden the day before the official model launch. The President got to spend some time at Ford’s Dearborn assembly plant where the electric pickup is being built. And a photo of the President behind the wheel didn’t hurt much either. That photo and then a viral claim someone else was actually driving it drew huge numbers online. The Biden administration and many Democratic State Governors, like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, are doing all they can to promote electric vehicles as the answer to the world's economic and environmental problems.

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The attention on the new Ford model is all good. Ford officially launched the new truck the day after the President’s visit. And in just a couple of days, Ford had more than 45,000 reserve orders for the new electric truck. The reservation process costs buyers $100 to get in line for the truck.

Ford is also introducing the new commercial version of the F-150. It’s called the F-150 Lightning Pro. It will join Ford’s E-Transit, the automaker’s battery-electric
takeoff of the popular Ford Transit cargo van. Ford will offer two versions of the commercial F-150. A snort haul truck, and a larger and longer-range version.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro
Photo: Ford Motor Company

The Detroit News quotes Ford CEO Jim Farley as saying says the commercial version should be attractive to many business customers. "F-150 Lightning Pro represents so much more than an electric workhorse — it's made for commercial customers inside and out, it gets better over time, and it's totally plugged into always-on services that can help business productivity."

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