Former Michigan Health and Human Services Department Director Robert Gordon took to Twitter to seemingly try to take some pressure off inquiries into his secrecy departure agreement with Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The Detroit Free Press is outlining the big picture, along with Gordon’s Twitter comments.

Some are interpreting his Twitter comments to indicate a family issue that may have been involved. But the death of his father this past weekend took place about a month after he left his state job.

Gordon spoke about his work with the state, claiming the virus control orders he initiated through the state health department helped save lives. He makes no reference to the fact the department orders mirrored those of the Governor which the State Supreme Court ruled were unconstitutional.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is also sidestepping the secrecy agreement with Gordon, which garnered him a payout of  $155,506. A growing number of state lawmakers are calling for full disclosure about what all was agreed to and why, along with pushing for an absolute ban on secret employment separation agreements for state employees.

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