Is America going to be a country of fairness or not, it is time for all to decide.

On Sunday’s CNN show State of the Union former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm embarrassed herself and I feel the people of Michigan who actually voted for her.

Our former Michigan governor and Christine Ford defender Ms. Granholm actually said that the fact that none of the "witnesses" that Ford named have any recollection of the alleged incident, "actually corroborates Ford's story."

She was asked by the show’s host Jake Tapper the following:

We now have four individuals who have come forward who were named by Professor Ford who were at that party. And all four: Kavanaugh, Judge, Smyth, and her friend, Leland Keyser, have all said they don't remember anything like this ever happened. And Leland Keyser, who says she believes Ford, says that doesn't even remember being at a party where Kavanaugh was present.

Her brilliant, intelligent and thoughtful response was as follows:

Right. And that actually corroborates Ford's story. Which is that she was so horrified by this that she kind of snuck out or slunk out of this apartment in a way that no one would know what happened because she was so utterly mortified.

So now we have Michigan’s former governor and other elected Democrats and pundits believing that if witnesses come forward and confirm Ms. Ford’s story they are corroborating her story and if witnesses do not come forward and confirm Ms. Ford’s story that is also corroboration.

Is this the world you want to live in?

Can you believe a person who has such outlandish and un-American ideas, Ms. Granholm, actually led our state for 8 years.  Wonder why Michigan had such troubled times under the leadership of her.

Ms. Granholm please stop going on T.V. and opening your mouth to further embarrass the citizens and non-citizens who actually voted for you.

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