The City of Battle Creek looks prepared to gain ownership of a federal building under a law designed to improve emergency management.

The Battle Creek City Commission will be voting on Tuesday to decide whether to purchase for one dollar the former George B. Dolliver US Army Reserve Center, located on N. Washington Ave. right across the street from the Federal Center. If the deal is approved, the single story building would then be used by the Battle Creek Fire Department for administration, training, and more.

The City had received a letter from the US General Services Administration January 26, where the GSA approved a request from the City and from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to transfer the property; that approval meant that the city could move forward with the plan.

According to an old issue of the Battle Creek Enquirer obtained via, the Reserve Center was dedicated in May 1960, to honor the memory of Battle Creek native George B. Tolliver, who was killed in World War II's Pacific Theater.

Federal law allows for local municipalities to take control of certain properties if they will be used for emergency management.

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