Fred is a smart boy that already knows how to sit and fetch.

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Fred is a very good boy who loves to play. He is just about 1-year-old and ended up at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan (HSSCM) after his previous owner's health declined.

Fred was a family dog not a working dog despite his breed mix. He is a Cattle Dog/Aussie mix and is fully grown weighing about 40 pounds. His breeds are known for their herding instincts and energy level. Both breeds are also listed among the smartest.

Fred of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan
Fred of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan

Fred will not be the right dog for everyone. Herding dogs whether they have ever been around cattle or not have a natural instinct. Those instincts have led to some funny stories. One dog in Washington ran from a vehicle following an accident, was located after days of searching on a farm herding a stranger's sheep.

Another funny herding dog story involved a puppy who brought its owner's sheep inside the kitchen of the home when a door was left open. Could you imagine walking to your kitchen in the morning with your three children and finding a bunch of sheep?

Because of these natural tendencies, Fred would do best in a home with children over 8 years of age. He would not be a good fit for apartment life. He will also need a fully fenced-in yard. The physically fenced-in yard is just as much for his future family's benefit as his. Do you want this good boy to accidentally herd cattle into your home?

Fred can't wait to find his forever family and will be a great companion for that person, couple, or family.

Would you like to make Fred a forever part of your family? Click here to find an application (click the Adoption tab on the top left) to fill out and return to HSSCM.

Want to add a furry family member but maybe Fred isn't the right fit? Click here to see other cats and dogs waiting for their forever home.

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