The City of Battle Creek and Calhoun County have come together to offer another free recycling event. The partnership will offer residents an opportunity to recycle electronics, Styrofoam #6, and old documents. This event is free for Calhoun County residents and is an effort to encourage the responsible disposal of these items and to keep them out of the landfill. Residents can bring these items to the city’s Department of Public Works at 150 S. Kendall St. on Saturday, August 25th from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

The following items will be accepted at the collection:

Electronics: computers & laptops - LCD & CRT monitors - printers - wires and cords - computer peripherals copy/fax machines - audio & visual equipment - plasma, LCD, & tube televisions - game consoles - stereo equipment - lamps - small kitchen appliances - car batteries & household batteries - other items with a cord.

Electronics information: Any resident or business having a large quantity of material should contact an electronics recycling company directly for proper disposal.  This collection is for residential electronic waste ONLY and fees WILL apply if a large amount of material is brought to the collection without proper notice.

Styrofoam #6: cups - plates - meat trays - to-go boxes - coolers - egg cartons - #6 packaging materials

Styrofoam #6 information: This collection is for a specific type of Styrofoam called polystyrene.  Polystyrene usually has the number 6 embossed on the material. Polystyrene is typically used in foam cups, plates, egg cartons, and packing material. Foam packing peanuts and construction foam cannot be accepted as they are made out of a different type of foam. All material brought to the collection must be clean. Dirty or soiled material cannot be accepted.

Document Shredding: clean paper (any size/color) - blueprints - newspaper - magazines - brochures - posters - mail - photographs - window envelopes - file folders

Document shredding information: All documents will be shredded on-site inside a trailer. Participants will receive a certificate of destruction afterward. Again, this event is only for residents – not businesses.

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