There's a tiny, roadside stand in Vicksburg that's selling freshly picked flowers. The twist? You choose how much you pay.

I learned about this adorable stand thanks to the Facebook group, Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village. The post, made by Sara F., explained that the bouquets were by donation and gave a location.

Well, I had to check it out.

There wasn't an exact address given however, it was specified that it was on West Avenue in Vicksburg just west of 28th Street. Having never been to Vicksburg, I found it pretty easily based on those instructions.

Now, I got there around 1pm so, most of the bouquets had already been claimed. But, I was still able to pick some gorgeous flowers to take home.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

The instructions for how the stand works were clearly posted:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose

And there were even cucumbers available to take home too:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose

I picked about 4 flowers from the remaining bouquet and decided on $5 for the donation. Unfortunately, I often find myself without cash. However, Sara has also provided a Venmo which made it very easy to make a donation:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Keep in mind, the plant stand won't be filled every day. On her post in the Vicksburg Facebook group, someone asked Sara if this was a daily thing or just on certain days of the week. She responded with:

Just as I have them, hopefully daily soon, the dahlias are blooming but not in full production yet.

I'm not sure what inspired Sara to start this flower stand but I cherish little treasures like this. So, if you happen to be in Vicksburg on West Avenue keep an eye out for a little sign that reads, "Fresh Flowers" and treat yourself to a freshly picked bouquet.

I will say that on my little trip to Vicksburg I couldn't help but notice how lush the land looks on those little back roads. In fact, there's a whole list of roads that are deemed a "must-drive" in every state:

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