We have turned the calendar to the month of May and the real planting season is set to begin.

Bob Coward, the co-host of the Garden Show on WBCK, talked about the ramping up of planting while getting the lawn and landscape ready for the year. The weather has been decent enough to prepare the cool weather crops to be planted. For those that are looking to get their tomato plants in the ground, it is still way too early to make that step.

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The temperature and precipitation forecasts for mid-May are leaning a little more promising compared to this week's outlook. Temperatures are set to take another dip late this week into the weekend and stay there. The amount of rain expected still may not be enough to get the state of Michigan out of the drought.

The 8-to-14 day temperature and precipitation outlook for May 10-6, 2021. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Speaking of the drought, the U.S. Drought Monitor shows the entire Lower Peninsula in moderate drought with the Watervliet/New Buffalo area in abnormal drought status. The Eastern Upper Peninsula is also in moderate drought with the Central U.P. trending into abnormally dry. Eighty percent of Michigan is currently in drought status according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Water is once again our friend this week.

The drought monitor for the Midwest through the U.S. Drought Monitor. (Richard Heim - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Last week's show went into several avenues with lawn, garden and landscape. Bob has all the information you need on how to start your landscaping properly with mulch and how to begin growing your own horseradish crop. He also discusses another invasive species that could become a problem to our area as it has in South Bend, Indiana. Check out the update below from May 1st.

Be sure to tune in to the Garden Show every Saturday during the spring and summer months on 95.3 WBCK. Call 269-441-9595 with your gardening question, email co-host Nathan Adams or join us through the App Chat function on the WBCK app.

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